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When meeting business people from other countries, you will feel more comfortable if you know the basics of business etiquette and intercultural communication, such as greetings, appropriate attire, and other issues. Visit the websites of Executive Planet and the International Business Center, or use a browser to search for “international business etiquette.” Find reliable information on various countries. On the International Business Center website, for example, click the button for Hofstede resources. This website provides analysis based on the renowned Dutch Psychologist’s five dimensions of culture applied to each country. When you submit your video, provide at least two references in the comment section. You should observe correct formatting for APA style references. Research Australia, India, Japan, and Spain, then answer Questions 1 through 3 below. Additionally, choose another country and report on the most interesting information you found about that culture

  1. How do people greet each other?
  2. In which countries is it important to keep a certain distance from the person you are greeting?
  3. In what countries is being on time for a social gathering important, and what countries is being late expected?
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