Taif Vaccine Preventable Diseases in Humanitarian Emergencies Discussion

Q1- There are a number of diseases that are consistently seen in displaced populations. Please explain potential causes for these outbreaks. What are potential solutions for addressing these disease outbreaks?

Q2- Evidence is a key component in identifying trends and changing practice especially in the public health field. Choose a public health topic that you are especially passionate about. (e.g. water and sanitation, vaccinations, infectious disease, etc.) Discuss how studies/research support your views (for or against). Choose a recent international or humanitarian crisis. What public health issues were associated with this incident? How would you manage these issues?


  • 1-Write as second language.
  • 2-Write 500 words for every question without counting the references.
  • 3-Use simple academic words.
  • 4-At least two references for every question and avoid .com and .net sources
  • 5-Include citation.
  • 6-Use APA format.
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