survey of literature 4

It has been said that literature can serve as both a “window” and a “mirror.” The textbook reading this week states, “A short story offers readers an open window to a world that they can enter” (p. 74).

Throughout this course, you will be reading a variety of literature, from short stories to poetry to drama. Think about the value of reading fiction. Some people might say that, since fiction means “not true,” reading these fictional stories are at best just entertainment and at worst a waste of time. Discuss some reasons that reading creative works of literature can be beneficial or valuable. To develop your response, cite various benefits or reasons to read fiction or other types of creative literature and give specific examples to support your response. Talk about personal examples to develop your ideas and cite evidence from other sources. Your initial response should be at least 250 words, should include two references, and should be complete by Wednesday night. Then, respond to two different classmates’ posts by Sunday night. Your response posts should be at least 75 words each and should demonstrate authentic engagement. Review the discussion rubric in the syllabus for more information on discussion requirements.

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