Suggest additional socioeconomic, spiritual, lifestyle, and other cultural factors related to the patient, homework help

I need to respond to my classmates post

  • Suggest additional socioeconomic, spiritual, lifestyle, and other cultural factors related to the patient.
  • Critique your colleague’s targeted questions, and explain how the patient might interpret these questions. Explain whether any of the questions would apply to your patient, and why.
  • apa format, 2 paragraphs, 3 references

My classmates post is below:

23-year-old Native American

Native Americans have a unique culture with particular socioeconomic, spiritual, lifestyle choices that pertain to this group of people. It is critical to provide culturally appropriate and competent care based on that patient and history. In understanding different cultures and individuals it important not to assume but learn for that patient specifically regarding beliefs; however, it can be helpful to have a frame of reference for different groups of people. Researching and asking questions it essential. Interesting facts presented by the U.S. Census Bureau include but are not limited to the following: Native Americans have a 71% completion rate of high school education, and 11% have a bachelor’s education. Native Americans and Alaska Native are less likely to be employed in management or professional related jobs. The majority of their jobs lie in services like construction, maintenance, transportation like moving material, and in farming, fishing, and forestry. The rate of poverty is higher amongst this group than the total U.S. population. Around one-third of Native American live on a reservation, and the median age of people living in these areas are younger than those living off the reservation (Ogunwole, 2006).

Sensitive Issue

When discussing culture, there are some topics that are considered sensitive to the population. Most pertinently spiritual and lifestyle choices related to culture are typically sensitive. There are sacred instructions that many Native American’s form their beliefs on. What is considered to be of utmost importance is respect – respect for the Earth, respect for the Great Spirit, and respect for humankind. They believe that to look after one’s well-being is both mind and body, and they should take full responsibility for their actions. As you treat Native American patients ensure you are giving them your highest respect and honor; thus, building bridges towards addressing sensitive topics and allowing them to take control over the situation (The Creator to Native People, n.d.).

Targeted Questions

Based on the information above and in the case-study, I would focus on these areas to build the patient’s health history and assess risks.

1. What do you think your problem is? This is a board question that avoids stereotyping or assuming the patient’s problem is pot and alcohol consumption.

2. How bad is your sickness/ anxiety? This question could lead to a discussion regarding the frequency of drinking and the smoking of pot. As seen in the physical exam, it is notable that patient had poor dentition – many carries and hepatomegaly indicating frequent consumption of both alcohol and pot.

3. What worries you most about your sickness? This question shows the severity and focuses your education on what the patient desires most.

4. What do you think we should do to help you with your sickness? This question helps clarify what goals or outcomes the patient would like from seeking medical assistance.

5. Have you sought out any help from anyone else? Due to the patient being Native American is it likely that the patient may have sought help from a Native American medicine man (Ball, Dains, Flynn, Solomon & Stewart, 2015)


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