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Online discussion: Construct responses to two of the following discussion questions. As always, keep your responses scientific, and justify using information from scientific sources. If a question is marked required, then of course you must answer that particular question, but may choose amongst the others.

i. Required: Read BIOLOGY MATTERS-Bioethical “Stem-Cell Research” (see attachment below). (Mader 14th edition see pages 75 & 494 for more information). Explain both sides of the debate on the use of embryonic stem cells. Discuss the current legal options available for stem-cell research. Keep it scientific, and use terminology from the text and chapter PowerPoint presentations.

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ii. Review Figure 3.5 on page 49 of the text which explains the advantages to the cell of gaining a mitochondrion or chloroplast. Justify your reasoning whether other organelles could have at one time been free-living prokaryotes. If this were the case, what advantages would the cell have gained by endosymbiosis of, for example, a lysosome, a Golgi, a rough ER, etc? Define the term endosymbiosis in your response.

iii. Discuss the value of prenatal testing for chromosomal diseases. What risks are involved in procedures such as amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling? If the results show an abnormality, what additional information should parents obtain? What decisions can be made? Who makes these decisions? As usual, keep it scientific, and justify your response using information from scientific sources.(Refer to Chapter 19.)

iii. The original monohybrid and dihybrid cross results were worked out by Gregor Mendel with pea plants. Discuss why pea plants would be preferable for doing this type of genetic work than humans. (Refer to Chapter 21.)

NOTE: Your response should not merely quote or paraphrase the content in the course text. You are expected to analyze and expand upon the information in the text. You are expected to properly cite all sources used to prepare the responses, according to APA formatting guidelines. Each response should be a minimum of 150 words, although top responses will likely be longer. For each discussion forum topic, each student must also respond to a minimum of two classmates’ responses.

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