statistics project 13

Statistics Project

ASSIGNMENT: The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate the ability to analyze and compare two sets of data using the statistical methods discussed in this course. The 10,000 meters is a standard track event and it is a part of both the Olympic Games and World Championships. The top 17 finishers of the men’s and women’s races from the 2015 World Championships are listed.

1. Calculate the mean, median, range, and standard deviation for each data set. You are expected to use at least two technology tools to make your calculations (such as a calculator, Microsoft Excel, etc.). State specifically what technology you used. If you choose to use Microsoft Excel, instructions for these calculations can be found here:…

2. Explain in three to five sentences how you found the standard deviation. Be sure to describe any technology that you used and how you used it.

3. Suppose the timing device used in the men’s race failed to activate at the start of the race and instead began to record the times x seconds into the race. Consider how the competitors’ times would be affected. Would the x seconds be added to or subtracted from the times recorded to find the true times? Would the median you calculated in question #1 be affected? If yes, how? If no, why not?

4. Determine who placed 20th in the men’s and the women’s 10,000 meter races at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Record the names, nationalities, and times. Be sure to properly cite at least two sources on a Works Cited page. Under “assignment specifications” below, there are some guidelines to help you with citing your sources.

5. If both of those 20th place finishers from question #4 had competed in the 2015 World Championships with their 2016 Olympic time, where would they have placed? Which one would have done relatively better than the other at the 2015 World Championships? Justify your answer mathematically. Consider using more than one method to justify your answer. For assistance converting minutes into seconds, view this video: topic-a/v/time-unit-conversion

ASSIGNMENT SPECIFICATIONS: • This assignment is to be completed individually as a take-home project. • Your project should be typed; however, mathematical calculations may be handwritten. • Your facts must be properly cited with a Works Cited page. For citation, use the Modern Language Association (MLA) format and use parenthetical citation with a Works Cited list as the final page (non-content page). Help with citations is provided below: o o…

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