slope, contour lines and scale of topographic map

Need help with the following questions that are applied with the attacked map

  1. What is the scale of this map? ____________________________
  2. 1 inch on the map equals ________________ inches in the real world.
  3. 1 inch on the map equals ________________ miles in the real world.
  4. If this map were on your computer screen and zoomed in 200% (with 100% being the ‘native’ scale), 1 inch on your computer screen would equal ____________ miles in the real world.
  5. What direction is it from Gum Stump to Runville, as the crow flies? How far is it in miles?
  1. What is the contour interval on the Bellefonte Quadrangle map? ________________
  2. Find Coleville on the map. What is the elevation difference between the ridge located ~0.6 km north-northwest of the text “Coleville” on the map (hint…find the “C” in Coleville and look north, you should be looking west [left] of where a river cuts the ridge line) and Buffalo Run Creek located ~0.2 km south of the text “Coleville”? ____________________
  3. What is the elevation of the highest point on the map in feet? What is it in meters?
  4. How would you describe the topographic setting of Milesburg and Central City (north of Bellefonte)?
  1. Which direction does Spring Creek flow near Bellefonte? ___________________
  2. What is the average width of the floodplain for Bald Eagle Creek? _______________
  3. Calculate the stream gradient (or slope) of Bald Eagle Creek from the West end of the map to the East end of the map (show your work).
  4. Find the slope of the northwest flank (side) of Bald Eagle Mountain (show your work).
  5. A drop of water falls at Valley View at 1140 feet elevation. To what named surface water body does it go first? __________________________
  6. Where does the water ultimately end up (meaning what is its “final” destination)?
  7. Describe the main differences between the morphology (map view characteristics) of Spring Creek and Bald Eagle Creek. What do you suppose controls this?
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