Shattuck Lecture: A Successful and Sustainable Health System, health and medicine homework help

The author of the assigned article, “Shattuck Lecture: A Successful and Sustainable Health System — How to Get There From Here” ( url= maintains that a sustainable health system has three key attributes. What are these three key attributes and what recommendations are offered to ensure efficiency, sustainability, and optimal functioning?

Fineberg’s acclaimed three key attributes to a sustainable health care system are, affordability, acceptability, and adaptability. This article provides six steps to maintain a successful and sustainable healthcare system. “First, redouble efforts to enhance the quality and safety of medical care. Second, meet the health needs of patients who require high-cost care in a more humane way that will save money over time. Third, elicit and honor patients’ preferences, including those regarding late-stage illness. Fourth, rely on systems engineering and operations research to smooth the flow of patients through the health care system. Fifth, learn from peers and from the evidence. Participate willingly in data gathering and performance comparisons regarding pertinent aspects of patient care. Finally, champion a new ethos of medical professionalism that values accountability above autonomy; supports team-based care and inter-professional education; and accepts responsibility for a system to serve all patients, not only one’s own patients” (Fineberg, 2012).

Fineberg, Harvey V,M.D., PhD. (2012). Shattuck lecture: A successful and sustainable health system — how to get there from here. The New England Journal of Medicine, 36(11), 1020-7. Retrieved from…

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