science lab Kazoo, science homework help

(explanation of the lab) do part A only

PART A Directions: The actual experiment part is the kazoo. (The meter stick is only a pretest.)

Steps 1-3 are a pretest to give you an idea of what you are looking for during the actual experiment. If you don’t have a meter stick, that is ok; use anything similar. It is ok for you to skip these steps is you do not have the materials.

Steps 4-5 are making your two kazoos.

Step 6 is where you will test your kazoos and collect your data using your rating scale.

Remember, since the experiment is about the kazoo, you will only graph the kazoo data in the Data Analysis section. In the Data section make sure the meter stick and kazoo data are in the same table

I will attach the lab, and the template in which you will write everything in.

make sure everything is written like a lab report (format.pdf attached is the template)

thank you!

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