SCI week 3 discussion “Temperature, Heat, and Pressure”

Week 3 Discussion

“Temperature, Heat, and Pressure” Please respond to the following:

Welcome our weekly discussion. Class discussions are mandatory and graded. Each discussion is worth 20 points. To get full credit for your discussion make sure you have completed all the following before Monday at 9am EST:

1. Respond completely to ALL the discussion points below

2. Respond meaningfully to two posts of other students

This week’s topic: Temperature, Heat and Pressure

Step 1- watch the following:

  • Watch the video “Heat and Temperature” in the Instructor Insights section. You can also watch it at:
  • Watch the video “Convection Demos” in the Instructor Insights section this week. You can also watch it

Step 2- Respond to the following:

  • Describe in your own words the scientific definitions of Heat and Temperature
  • In your kitchen, you have the oven heated to 400F and you have a pot of boiling water (212F) on the stove. Would you rather put your hand in the oven (without touching the metal) or in the boiling water? Explain why, and be sure to use the terms “heat”, “temperature” and “heat transfer” in your explanation.

Step 3- Read materials on Heat Transfer (look up sources on the internet as needed) and reply to the following:

  • Supply examples from your own experience for the following heat transfer mechanisms:
    • Conduction
    • Convection
    • Radiation
  • You have the air conditioning on in your two story home, but the upper floor is much warmer than the lower one. Why does this happen?
  • Suggest solutions to the upstairs heat problem.
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