SCI 115 Evolution of Animals and Population of Humans, science homework help


Discussion Topic #1

“Evolution of Animals and Population of Humans”

  1. ·  Read the New York Times article entitled “From Single Cells, a Vast Kingdom Arose” found @ (   then provide a summary of the article. Next discuss what you believe to be the origins of animals.
  2. ·  Consider three (3) problems out of control population growth will create in regards to the environment. Next discuss three (3) effects of China’s one child rule. In your response please consider social, ethical and environmental sides of the effect.
  3. Read the Guardian article entitled, “Humans creating sixth great extinction of animal species, say scientist” found @ ( Next provide a brief summary of the article and in your summary discuss what, if anything happens 

    ·  when an animal or plant species becomes extinct. Next propose three (3) human behavior changes that could help prevent or slow down animal extinction. Justify your response.

Discussion Topic #2

“Effects on the Environment”

  1. ·  Discuss three (3) positive and three (3) negative impacts of humans on the biosphere. Which positive and negative impacts do you believe are the most significant to consider. Justify your response.
  2. ·  Describe two (2) techniques required to study ecosystems then provide an example of each technique. Suggest two (2) advantages and (2) disadvantages for each of your chosen techniques.
  3. ·  Listen to the Ted Talk titled “Jane Poynter: Life in Biosphere 2” found @ ( Suggest three (3) lessons we can learn from this experiment then describe what you believe life will be like living in an extreme environment (e.g., underwater, outer space). Justify your response.
  4. ·  Read the BBC article entitled, “Global warming increases ‘food shocks’ threat” found @ ( Next in your own words define global warming and state three (3) effects of global warming that you believe will have the greatest impact. Lastly debate whether or not you believe that science could improve the nutrition of millions around the globe. Justify your response.

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