scholarly article analysis

Scholarly Article Analysis

Each student will find one scholarly article pertaining to a question in the academic discipline of theology.The student will read that article carefully and write a 2-3 page analysis containing the following parts: 1) A detailed, point-by-point summary of the argument of the article.This part must include a clear statement of the article’s thesis as well as a summary of all main points made in favor of this thesis.All references to specific ideas in the article must be cited with consistently formatted footnotes or parenthetical references including at least the author’s name and the page number.2) An analysis of the article’s argument in which the student clearly states agreement, disagreement, or partial agreement with the author of the article and gives cogent reasons for taking this position.In the analysis portion, it may be helpful to bring in other theological sources as evidence.This assignment will be graded for length, writing style, the summary of the article, and the analysis of the article.The analysis will be due on March 28.

It is recommended, but not required, that the student choose an article pertaining to one of the possible research paper topics (see the Research Paper handout).This would allow the analysis of the article to form a part of the research paper.(You would have a good portion of the paper written and at least one of your three required sources covered.)

Completion of this assignment is intended to result in the following Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Interpret theological texts of different eras and genres with care and precision
  • Express theological ideas and arguments clearly in writing.
  • Utilize scholarly tools effectively for continued learning in the discipline of theology.
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