s CSSs up-to-date question, health and medicine homework help

  1. your own online research, write a three page paper, not including the title page and the reference page, answering the following questions 
    1. Technology advances rapidly in many CSSs. To keep up, investments must be made in learning, training, and equipment. How does an HCO keep all its CSSs up-to-date? 
    2. What are the mechanisms that identify investment opportunities? 
    3. What is the mechanism to evaluate those opportunities?? 
  2. In the paper, be sure to:
    1. Evaluate Preparing New Program and Capital Budget Requests
    2. Evaluate the roles of the HCO manager, the CSS management, and governance.
    3. Analyze the functions of continuous improvement and budgeting.
    4. Apply biblical principles where appropriate.
    5. Defend your position, citing any research and/or evidence to support your arguments.
  3. Your paper should include at least three citations from the textbook, articles, or other credible sources. Your citations must be in proper APA format.

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