rhetorical analysis 114

In professional communication, the rhetorical situation is often defined by four important elements: the writer, the purpose, the audience (reader-user), and the context.

Effective writers recognize these elements and make choices that address their reader-users’ needs, values, and expectations to appropriately communicate a message, and deliver in a medium that accounts for the (readers’) context.

In this assignment, you will analyze a professional document for its rhetorical elements and make claims based on your analysis.

1. Locate and share (via link or file upload) a document appropriate to your profession (e.g. memo, flyer, short report, white paper, training video, etc.). Please make sure the document you choose is appropriate to share with a public audience. In other words, the document does not contain proprietary information.

2. Analyze the document’s rhetorical elements by addressing these questions:

a. Who created this document?

b. Who is the intended audience? (Be specific here. The “general public” is way too broad).

c. What is the document’s message or purpose?

d. In what context is the document intended?

3. Evaluate the document by addressing these questions:

a. How well does the document address its audiences’ needs, values, and expectations?

b. How clear and effective is the document’s message or purpose?

c. What choices does the writer/creator make that help or hurt the delivery of the message to the intended audience?

d. If you were to have created this document, what would you have done the same? Different? Explain.

e. In short, do you believe this document to be effective given the intended rhetorical situation? Why or why not?

In your submission, reply to each question above and submit your response as a PDF.

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