revise journal for linguistic class

check the grammar, format, and the fluency of the journal! add it up to 300 words

The question is talk about the local food

While talking about a “local food”, the first thing come into my mind is Chick-flia. That my favorite food in the U.S is Chick-flia. I do not like burger, and I think chicken sandwich is much better. Chick-flia is the best chicken sandwich i ever have. They use the real chicken meat which you can see. It’s much healthier than the other fast food. The chicken deluxe sandwich usually include two pieces of bread, one fried chicken slide, lettuce, tomatoes, pickle, and cheese. It looks healthy. You can get the nutrition you need just from one sandwich. However, the best part of Chick-flia is not the sandwich, but the sauce. Chick-flia sauce ,which taste like the mix of mayonnaise and honey muster, is the best sauce ever in the world. Putting the Chick-flia sauce on top of the sandwich that’s the best match. Other than that, Chick-flia is also fast and cheap, they even have drive through. If one day you want a meal which is both fast and delicious Chick-flia is the best choice.

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