Retirement Options – 5 pages

Written in memo form – spacing 1 1/2 12 pitch times new roman

1) What types of health related insurance coverage are you most likely to require? Why these specific types?

2) What are the trends in employer provided health insurance for retirees? Why?

3) What do you think is the most likely source for you to obtain the various types of health related insurance coverage identified in (1) above? Why?

4) A) What barriers or risks do you foresee for your access to these insurance products in retirement?

B) What may increase the likelihood of your obtaining this insurance?

5) A) What are the types of conditions for a dependent spouse in obtaining health related insurance coverage post-retirement of the working spouse?

B) How do they obtain health related insurance coverage?

C) Is this likely to change? How or Why?

suggested resources – can add more to compare

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