response up to 500 words

Read the scenario provided below and prepare a detailed discussion about how you would use Microsoft PowerPoint to respond to the proposal identified in the scenario. Be sure to refer back to this unit’s readings and to incorporate any outside sources that may be useful in helping you respond to the scenario’s proposal.

You own a private nonprofit training agency that specializes in providing training in the areas of human resources management, crisis response, and data management. As a result, you have been contacted by several criminal justice agencies in your community about the possibility of your agency creating training sessions that cover crisis prevention and intervention as well as various data management issues (e.g., proper record keeping, accurate data entry, and report preparation). You have never worked directly with criminal justice agencies before, so you do not have any existing training sessions that would meet the needs of the criminal justice agencies. Discuss how you would respond to the proposal presented to you by the criminal justice agencies in your community.

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