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In responding to your classmates’ posts, consider a compare and contrast approach, recommend alternative views, and/or share additional research you have done that supports your classmates’ posts. My classmate response is pertaining to their experience identifying the dynamism of people in their workplace whether it is current or past. This answer has to have a minimum of 150 words with one critical thinking question in the response. Support your response with scholarly sources and citations cited in APA style. My classmate response is listed below.

After graduating from college with a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering degree, I started my career as an engineer with McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) in Long Beach, California. From there I moved to Atlanta, Georgia to work for Delta Air Lines where I had the opportunity to progress through various technical and supervisory positions. Seeking to relocate closer to my extended family, I moved to Savannah, Georgia and my current position with Gulfstream Aerospace as an Engineering Manager within the Product Support organization. My direct reports at Gulfstream are technical group heads with engineers reporting to them. There are two other managers in the organization who are my peers whose groups handle planning and certification to complement my group’s responsibility for design. These three groups make up engineering for product support. As engineering, we support multiple internal customers who are the interface with our external customers.

Throughout my career, I’ve observed that certain diverse personality types between individuals can have a positive effect on team results when strategically applied. For example, an extrovert may be more effective at collaborating on solution concepts with a cross-functional team whereas an introvert may excel at executing the details to implement a decided solution. My experience is that the dynamism created through matching personality and task for an individual is a valuable part of team success. In their work, Gifts Differing: Understanding Personality Type (1995), Isabel and Peter Meyers state something similar:

“Extraverts deal with more situations, faster and somewhat more casually, and with less time out for reflection. They are faster, in part because they already know more about the circumstances. Information has a pleasant, useful way of rubbing off on them as they go about their daily business. Introverts can broaden the base for their analysis by finding out what extroverts can tell them about any situation”(p. 117).

In my organization, I have project engineers who are gifted at seeing the big picture and working with a variety of different disciplines, while my design engineers use their ability to see details in order to solve complex problems. Each has a personality type which contributes to effectiveness in their specific role within the organization. Along with this, I have observed that the relationship between these individuals strengthens when each recognizes the contribution that the other makes on their behalf toward overall success of the team.

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