response the brain and its many wonders

Please provide a 150 word response to the following;

So since learning about our physical brain it has influenced my thoughts about human nature dramatically. There was a lot of information I didn’t know, our brain is so complex and many expereinces from the brain tell us about how we see, operate and even sleep. Getting to know more about the physical brain has led me to think, that we should explore our mind and the capabilites it has. Study the brain to find out more information. That is how I was once reading this chapter. It seemed more like an interesting novel you can’t put down because of what may happen next.

So since most information in the brain is processed outside of our awareness, we can include ourselves into sleep experiements for examples. They have case studies you can volunteer for as well. There is this place I heard of that , you can spend the night in a room by yourself, these people who run the facility hook you up to an EEG and they monitor your sleep and the next day they go over your results with you . That could be a way of educating yourself on your brain.

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