response needed 6

For this assignment provided a 150 word response to the following:

I occasionally have a lack of anger management. For example, I got in an argument with a friend the other day, after that I had a significant conflict between what Plato would call my reason and my spirit. My spirit was strong and resolved that they were in the wrong and they intended to cause me distress. On the other hand, my reason told me that I had also said some things that were not particularly kind and had an inappropriate attitude. Because of my reason I also know that both me and my friend were at fault for the conversation going wrong, not them alone. After another conversation and both of us confessing our wrongdoings and asking for forgiveness, we were able to use our reason and not our spirit to resolve our conflict.

Plato’s tripartite concept of self covers the essence of every human being. Reason it the part of us that can think, make deductions and reason with those thoughts. Appetite represents our hunger, thirst, and our desire and need for sex. Those are our basic human needs. Finally, Spirit represents our aggressive nature. Each of these concepts of self in my opinion are accurate representations of the human inner being.

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