respond opinion

Please, I need one to 3 sentence respond for this comment or answer. Like what you think about his answer (opinion).


(5) If working in a culture that has different values/ethics than your own culture, how can you navigate living and working within that culture? For example, the culture values the conception of peace more than truth, or bribery is more accepted/common.

I believe that just because a culture is more accepting of actions that might be interpreted wrong, it doesn’t mean that the person must follow those actions to. If I find that bribery is wrong or that truth is more valuable than peace, I would not have to do those things myself but would also have to realize that it would cause difficult situations that wouldn’t be able to easily be fixed.

This reminds me of the situation with the challenger explosion when the managers were going off a different code of ethics compared to the engineers. Even though the lives were at stake, the managers were more concerned about launching the project on time. The engineers did not have the final say but it is a hard reality that not every value or ethical concern you have will always go through in the culture.

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