Research Studies

1. Reliability and validity are often misunderstood and not given much notice in research articles. Using any example, describe these two terms to a nurse and support your answer with reference. Then describe why the reliability and validity of a study is important for research translation.

2. What are the criteria for selecting qualitative versus quantitative resources in relation to your literature review? Which method(s) of research are you selecting? (I have chosen quantitative method for my research) Why?

3. What effect does a meta-synthesis or meta-analysis have on research translation? Describe a clinical nursing practice in place that is supported by this level of evidence.

4. Comparative effective research is important in translating research. Describe one study that used comparative effective research. What were the findings and were they translated into practice?

Please answer each questions with at least 150 words, Use empirical articles as reference must be within last 5 years. In-text citation.

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