research proposal for reducing (COPD) exacerbation, health and medicine homework help

Development of a novel research proposal15 pages, specific to your role specialization. The project must include an intervention appropriate to nursing practice and consistent with your MSN role option.

 The research question being investigated is “
Does pneumococcal/ influenza vaccine/ or smoking cessation counseling prevent or decrease COPD exacerbations?” This could be change if the writer feels that the research question is not answerable, or feasible.
The population for this study will be any patients with COPD over the age of 18 and based on the COPD Assessment Test (CAT).

1  Craft the problem statement and research purpose.

2  Design your research question aimed at solving (a part of) the problem and include the following components which will focus the literature review.

PICOT Question:

Patient, Population or Problem

1  What are the characteristics of the patient or population?

2  What is the condition or disease you are interested in?

Intervention or exposure

3  What do you want to do with this patient (e.g. treat, diagnose, observe)?


4  What is the alternative to the intervention (e.g. placebo, different drug, surgery)?


5  What are the relevant outcomes (e.g. morbidity, death, complications)?

3.  Ensure that the research question is answerable, feasible and clinically relevant


any patients with COPD over the age of 18 and based on the COPD Assessment Test (CAT). The CAT is a patient-completed instrument that complements existing approaches to assessing COPD, such as FEV1 measurement. It has been designed to provide a straightforward and reliable measure of health status in COPD and assists patients and their physicians in quantifying the impact of COPD on the patient’s health. The CAT is a validated, short (8-item) and single patient completed questionnaire, with good discriminant properties, developed for use in routine clinical practice to measure the health status of patients with COPD1. Despite the small number of component items, it covers a broad range of effects of COPD on patients’ health. Using this assessment scale, the patient that the intervention of non-pharmacologic treatment could benefit would be patients with a score of 10 and greater no matter age, (American Thoracic Society, 2011).

Based on the CAT, patient with < 10 scores then most days are good, but COPD causes a few problems and stops people doing one or two things that they would like to do. They usually cough several days a week and get breathless when playing sports and games and when carrying heavy loads. They have to slow down or stop when walking up hills or if they hurry when walking on level ground. They get exhausted quickly, (GOLDCOPD, 2011).
This is my thought process, could be change to fit better with research question if needed.

I also included some articles to be used as references. I uploaded the template and the detailed rubric. 

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