research evaluation questions based on principles of evaluation and research for health care programs

Essay Questions:

1. Fully define the five types of evaluations Perrin describes “as the most common types of evaluations” used to improve program effectiveness. What kinds of questions need to be

explored for each kind of evaluation? When is each kind of evaluation used in the program

assessment process?

2. If we were trying to set up a program to monitor screening processes for a target population (screening process for the ZIKA virus in U.S. hospitals), which two kinds of evaluation, according to Perrin, would tend to yield the best assessment of ongoing success in a program?Why would this be the case? Explain in detail.

3. Explain Perrin’s six “Social Determinants of Health” and give examples of each.Would Goodman

and the authors of Healthy People 2020 agree or disagree with Perrin’s choice of “determinants”?

Why or why not?Give three specific examples EACH relating to Goodman and HP 2020.How can healthcare providers use recognition of health disparities and social determinants of health to reduce barriers to common, everyday problems like medication compliance? Give three examples of how health disparities and three examples of how social determinants are used.

4.Explain the difference between external and internal validity in testing. Briefly name and explain the four types of internal validity. What kinds of threats exist to internal validity?Pick two possible

threats and explain why these would be problematic to a Field research study we were conducting on

a long-term, 5 to 10-year basis (longitudinal study).

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