Research Designs Matrix, health and medicine homework help

Write a portion about each of the topics below, based off the articles attached. Only complete the 4 topics with Quantitative and Qualitative Article.. This is a team project and only a portion of this complete NOT the whole matrix

Hypothesis / Research Question.

Research Methodology.


Implications of the Study.

Quantitative Article:

Meade, C., Bursell, A., & Ketelsen, L. (2006). CE Credit: Effects of Nursing Rounds on Patients’ Call Light Use, Satisfaction, and Safety. The American Journal of Nursing, 106(9), 58-71. Retrieved from

Qualitative Article:

Galinato, J., Montie, M., & Patak, L. (2015). Perspectives of Nurses and Patients on Call Light Technology. CIN: Computer, Informatics, Nursing, 33(8), 359-367.

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