Regional Data: The Natural Environment (Video and 3 questions)

The physical environment creates natural contexts for human settlement, and detailed analysis and mapping of environmental data can form a strong regional understanding of critical environmental conditions and issues to be addressed in public policy as a starting point for data-driven practical collaboration across the region.

The initial video in class demonstrates the complexity of our own region and illustrates a number of regional issues based on the natural environment. Usually these issues relate to recognition of hazards, sensitive or critical areas for development, or resource areas of significant value or opportunity, such as scenic park systems, that need regional analysis and agreement across the Watershed. View this video and answer the following questions. If you saw the video in class you may proceed to the quiz. You are allowed to retake the quiz if you need a refresher. (Links to an external site.)

1- What are the three major geological events in the form of floods that impacted our region. Describe each briefly

2- What is the extent of the Columbia River Watershed. Use a map (web search) and describe the extent of the Columbia River watershed in words.

Describe the difference in impacts between Spokane and Lewiston in terms of the watershed.

Which is most impacted by pollution on Lake Coeur d’Alene?

3- Identify three hazards, issues or opportunity that directly impact the administrator for the City of Cheney based on this video and your understanding of the natural environment of the region.

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