Reflective Writing, engineering homework help

Submission Instructions: This assignment is due by 3 PM on Monday, October 3, 2016. Please upload an electronic copy to Campus Cruiser under “My Assignments” and bring a printed copy to class.

The goal of the reflective writing assignment is for you to relate the summer reading (Spare Parts by Joshua Davis) to personal experiences that motivated you to study engineering.    In a short paper, please address any four of the following points:

  1. Give an overview of the theme of the book.  Ask yourself the question: 

“What does the book say to me about the field of engineering?”

Do not provide a summary of the book, but rather focus on the message that the authors were trying to convey about engineering using a few key points from the book.    

  1. Each person who reads a book may take something different away from it, based on his/her own personal experiences.  Reflect upon one or two specific experiences from your past that came to mind when you were reading the book.  How did those experiences contribute to your decision for a career in engineering?
  2. Did reading the book reinforce, diminish or alter your attitude towards engineering as a career in any way?  Explain.
  3. Imagine yourself in a few months in the following scenario: You have a significant amount of homework. Perhaps you’re having a rough time in one of your classes and many late, sleepless nights. In other words, times are becoming a bit overwhelming academically. What is the one thing from your reading that you might draw on to keep yourself inspired, to sustain your interest in your chosen field? 
  4. Did reading the book change your view on the US immigration system?  Explain.

Essay Guidelines:

  1. Do not address the points above separately, but rather write one coherent, well organized essay that includes the four selected points.
  2. No title page: Type your name in the top left-hand corner of essay. Double space, and begin. Continue double spacing until the end of the essay.
  3. Length:  between 1 ½ and 2 typed pages, double-spaced, 12 pt. font size, with 1” inch margins.

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