read two article and answer the following question for each article… (Con-critical Negative)… (Pro- critical Positive)

1.Locate 2 articles related to your topic (I uploaded the suggested topic for you) from current event reading material…these are only suggestions for news sources (,,,,,,,,,,,, …) and the time period from 2013-2017

2.Answer the questions asked below for article #1 (pro-critical positive). Answer the questions asked below for article #2 (con- critical negative)

3.Use the following strategies to guide you through the readings:

1.State the topic of the article, a few key wordsWhat is the Author’ Purpose?(inform, persuade, entertain)Explain your choice in a few words.

2.What is the Author’s Purpose? (inform, persuade, entertain) Explain your choice in a few words.

3.Write a full complete sentence of the main idea of the article in your own words.

4.List ALL MAJOR SUPPORTING DETAILS important to the article.Remember, supporting details help the main idea.

5.Identify 2 new words/phrases and define each using a dictionary and/or context clues. (definition, 2 synonym, 2antonym)

6.Identify 2 organizational patterns that the author uses and give evidence to support your choices. (cause and effect, problem and solution, description, compare and contrast)

7.Provide 2 examples of bias used in the article.(How does the author show bias toward one side?How does the author lean towards one side?How does the author tend to support only one side of the argument?

8.Find 1 fact in the article.Explain how the fact can be proven.

9.Find 1 opinion statement in the article.Explain how the opinion cannot be proven.

10.Summarize the article, starting with the citation and the author’s purpose. (at least one paragraph in length, 7-9 sentences)

11.State your reaction to the reading with specific references to the article. (3-4 sentences in length)

12.List at least 2 ideas that you learned from the article.

13.List 2 questions you have remaining about the topic?

14.Turn in article with work summary.

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