Ray Model of Light assignment

1.  If a bundle of parallel incident rays undergoing diffuse reflection follow the law of reflection, then why do they scatter in many different directions after reflecting off a surface? 

2.  Is it easier to read from pages of a book which are rough or from pages which are smooth and glossy? In low light or in a very bright place? Explain your answer. 

3.  Explain why emergency vehicles such as ambulances are often marked on the front hood with reversed lettering (e.g., ECNALUBMA).

.4.  If Suzie stands 2.5 feet in front of a plane mirror, how far from the person will her image be located?

 5.  If a toddler crawls towards a mirror at a rate of 0.36 m/s, then at what speed will the toddler and the toddler’s image approach each other?

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