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I think one thing that we can talk about in the difference between terrorists of 1990 and today is technology, that make them even more deadly today.

I think the first thing that we need to talk about with technology, the use of smart phones computers make it that much easier for terrorist to communicate worldwide. The usage of technology has drastically helped terrorist communicate, plan, utilize banking for money and even buy supplies. According to InfoSec Institute they state “The cyberspace is an environment without boundaries, a privileged place where terrorists find resources, make propaganda activities and from which it is possible to launch the attacks against enemies everywhere in the world” (InfoSec Institute, 2016).

The use of technology as a tool has made our world smaller and given us the ability to communicate instantly across vast distances and even transfer money or order something online from the palm of our hands. This of course has lead to the use of this technology as a weapon for terrorist to commit and carry out their attacks. In a way the technology that we take for granted every day to make our lives easier and more accessible has also made them more dangerous.

“Social media is an essential element of modern terrorism; these powerful platforms allow terrorists to communicate, to make propaganda and recruit new sympathizers” (InfoSec Institute, 2016).

The other issue that ties into technology is the fact that terrorists today’s have much more information and coordination abilities that the attacks are bigger and more deadly and dynamic. The attacks on 9/11 were the worst terror attacks ever. Prior to that in 1993 the World Trade Centers were attacked by explosives in the underground parking garage. People were hurt and the building was damaged but it was still a relatively small attack.

Now with the technology to coordinate small groups of terrorists are able to commit large scale dynamic attacks such as those in 2015 in Paris. 11 attackers were able to kill 130 and wound or hurt hundreds more with another 100 critically wounded people. “Here is a look at the November 13, 2015 terror attacks in Paris that killed at least 130 people and wounded hundreds. The attackers, armed with assault rifles and explosives, targeted six locations across the city.ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks” (News, BBC, 2016).

With the advent of technology it has lead to terrorists being able to coordinate and plan more and there for turning a possible small localized attack into a major terrorist attack killing and wounding hundreds.


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