Question 5 An old cooling tower is being demolished at a gas processing plant. W

Question 5

An old cooling tower is being demolished at a gas processing plant. Which of the following statements would be FALSE?

Cr+6 can be found in the cooling tower debris.

Workers could be exposed to Cr+6 during demolition if not wearing the appropriate PPE.

Cr+6 will unlikely be found in subsurface soil.

Exposure to Cr+6 can be by inhalation or ingestion.

Question 6

Shipping bales of unprocessed cotton alongside a boxcar containing concentrated perchloric acid is potentially hazardous since 60 to 72.5% perchloric acid is an NFPA __________ oxidizer that causes a severe increase in the burning rate of the cotton.

Question 7

The tarnishing of silver is an example of a __________ reaction.

Question 8

The components of ordinary gunpowder are elemental sulfur, charcoal, and potassium nitrate. When gunpowder explodes, these components react as follows:

  3S8(s) + 16C(s) + 32KNO3(s)

  Sulfur  Carbon  Potassium nitrate

  16K2O(s)   +    16CO2(g)   +  16N2(g)  +   24SO2(g)

Potassium oxide  Carbon dioxide   Nitrogen    Sulfur dioxide

For this redox reaction, the reducing agents are __________ and __________.4 points  

Question 9

A dilute solution of __________ is effective in treating athlete’s foot because of its oxidizing capabilities.

Question 10

Following Hurricane Katrina in 2005, what oxidizer did cleanup crews use to eradicate the mold that grew in homes __________?

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