question 1 propose strategic and tactical factors that led to the success of the us counterterrorism operation

Question 1

Saudi Arabia said al-Baghdadi had distorted the image of Islam, and hailed his killing by US special forces in northwest Syria. “The kingdom appreciates the US administration’s efforts to pursue members of this terrorist organisation that distorted the real image of Islam … and committed atrocities and crimes”

– Al Jazeera, 29 October 2019

Propose strategic and tactical factors that led to the success of the US counterterrorism operation.

(25 marks)

In this assignment, you are expected to:

  • Show competence in handling groupwork in security studies.
  • Show competence in communicating ideas in written form about security studies.
  • Demonstrate competence in academic writing (political science and security studies).
  • Please note and comply with these requirements:

    (i) The minimum word limit is 4,500 words with about 1,000 words per question.

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