question 1 and question 2 3

THESE are two differents two questions and everything must answered in MLA please must use MLA and add as much references as you can . Each question must be answered separately

Q 1 ONE: Based on our assigned reading from Burke’s “Speech on the Conciliation with the American Colonies,” argue in a micro-essay of at least 250 words what you believe are the author’s key arguments in his writing. Which of the four rhetorical appeals (pathos, logos, kairos, logos, topos) does he predominantly use in his speech? Do you believe Burke achieves his rhetorical purpose?

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Q 2 TWO: After critically reading Burke’s arguments and claims in his speech, identify at least 2-3 places where the author use topos (topoi) to frame his arguments so his audience will better understand and appreciate his message. Do you believe Burke’s use of topoi were successful in raising his audience’s attention about the overall issue of his address? Do you believe Burke’s message was persuasive?

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