Quality Improvement Project and Literature Review Table

I need help completing a Quality Improvement project paper and literature review table.This is a quality improvement project I completed previously and will like to write this project paper on. The assignment also requires completing a “Literature Review” table from the articles used for the literature review section. This project is based on minimizing Operating Room utilization by minimizing interruption of cases. I have attached the following documents to help with the completion of the paper.

1. Topic for project and helpful hints; this should give a general idea of what the project is about.

2. The instructions and grading rubric for the paper; this is the criteria that will be used to grade the paper, so please use this as a guide to ensure all important areas of the paper are addressed.

3. Instructions and grading rubric for literature review table; it also includes links for helpful videos.

4. Power point slide with guidelines from the instructor on completing the assignment.

5. Powerpoint that I put together after the project that shows all the important data.

6. Copy of the discrepancy sheet.

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