quality check/compare between two hospitals

1.Go to these links and compare your facility to another hospital in your area. The facilities I want to use is St.Joseph Hospital in Houston (one I currently work) and Memorial hermann Sugarland. As a change agent pick one of the topics (THE TOPIC OF MY CHOICE IS-2012 Care Measures (AMI, CHF, PNU, and SCIP)) and discuss how you can implement change in your department to bring your quality scores up. Post your hospital scores in your presentation. 8-10 Sentences.

2. Post a constructive feedback to RICHIES POST.

Below are the hyperlinks to the websites where our information (quality/HCAHPS) can be accessed by the public:

The Joint Commission Quality Check:

US News:

US Department of HHS (Hospital Compare):

National Patient Safety Goals

These topics are hot topics for healthcare and CMS will be deducting reimbursements on quality scores starting 2013. They are monitoring these scores now to see what percentage they will be deducting. We are finding in the hospitals across the country that nurses do not have any clue or understanding about these and they have been around for years.

2012 Care Measures (AMI, CHF, PNU, and SCIP).
2012 Patient Safety Goals
Fall Preventions
HCAHPS-(Hospital Consumer Assessment of Health Plans) Patient satisfaction scores

This is the post by a peer that needs a constructive feedback or questions or arguments. also use this post as an example of the discussion post.

I have compared the three hospitals in the state and county of which I live and work. I am an emergency room nurse in Prince George County, Maryland. Looking through the different websites, I found that my hospital is not ranked and/or not reported on a few of these websites which is odd. What I have found, of the three hospitals I compared on the HHS government website, Doctors Community Hospital gets 3 stars, Medstar Southern Maryland hospital gets 2 stars and University of Maryland Prince George Hospital gets 1 star. I work in the ER at Prince George Hospital which is the only hospital of the 3 that has trauma, stroke, cath lab, OB and psych services. According to the website, all of the hospitals in the county were below national average for most categories. Actually, the most discrepancies with the state and national average were with patient experience. All of the other categories were at or slightly below national average. This county is a suburb of Washington, DC and has grown quickly over the past few years, and the hospitals have not. There is simply not enough space for all of the people, but I digress. I contribute some of the patient experience to patient perception of the hospital. I have worked at Doctor’s hospital and what happens at Prince George Hospital (1 star) also happens at Doctors Hospital (3 stars) but no one complains at the latter. Prince George Hospital was known as “the free hospital” which it never was, but we do take most of the indigent patients in the county, as the other hospitals will not admit them. Therefore, people think the care is subpar as if we do not do the same or more for patients at our hospital. If I had not worked at other hospitals I would not know any better. I said this to say, patients walk in the door looking to complain about something. It is also known that we save people at our hospital trauma and otherwise. We see the sickest of the sick and save them, but that reputation has never wavered. Of the three hospitals compared, we at least have the shortest door to doctor time, but still all three are below national standard.

Comparing patient experience with Prince George hospital and Southern Maryland hospital:

Nurse Communication with patients: PG 62% , SM 72% , State Average 76%

Always received help as soon as they wanted: PG 42%, SM 53%, State 59%

Understand care upon discharge: PG 35%, SM 39%, State 48%

Explain meds prior to giving : PG 49%, SM 53%, State 60%

Recommend hospital : PG 42%, SM 51%, State 66%

It seems the biggest problem with our hospital is communication and patient response. I think these things are an easy fix. I think there should be a time of how soon a call bell is answered. There will always be abusers of this system with our population, but we have to do better when patients call. For communication, make it a requirement that nurses are educated and make it another requirement that nurses spend time educating patient about medication and his or her disease process. It is said that discharge instructions should began on admission. Perhaps a nurse position can be created to assist floor nurses with patient education. I do understand that not everyone learns the same way, so just an educator to determine the best way to educate each patient. We are a work in progress, but I think these changes are doable.

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