public program proposal paper

The overarching assignment is to develop a program which fits the needs of the VIRGIN ISLANDS. The program must be within the context of community-based. Your first task will be to decide on the nature and context of the program. Once you have this in mind, your program proposal should be developed with the following components:



a. Title
b. Table of contents
c. Aims section/project summary: Develop a two-page aims section/project summary which provides a brief but comprehensive overview of your program. Refer to our class discussion and follow the outline closely.
d. Literature Review: The written review of literature (also called Background) presents an argument that justifies your choice of program and the way you have chosen to address it. Begin the review with the most general aspects of your topic (public problem, agenda, intervention, etc.) and gradually narrow it until it implies the intent of the public program. Define any specialized terms as you introduce them. Provide the general context for the proposed program. This can be done in terms of a general overview of the field, with a description of a classic study or studies, on the basis of history of the field, grounded in a theory to be tested, or with other context setting methods.
e. Your program hypothesis should be included in the Aims section.
f. Program logic model and “so that” chain: This should include a chart with the inputs, activities, out-puts and outcomes. You should also do one “so-that” chain.
g. Needs Assessment: Devise a plan for how you will assess the need in your community (St. Thomas, St. John, St. Croix or Water Island) for this program. Who will you assess? How? When? This is your plan for conducting a needs assessment.
h. Justification or need for the program: significance of the program, why it is important and impact you can expect. This is really a background section which provides a solid foundation for your program. The basis for this section is a critical review of relevant background literature (cite relevant literature in reference section).
i. Program design: description the design of your program, what you will do and how you will do it; include all programming such as activities, curriculum, etc.
j. Target audience: description of whom you will be serving and how you propose to reach them. Be complete in your description.
k. Staffing and key personnel: Include the nature of the positions with expected qualifications for other personnel if more than one.
k. Marketing/public relations plan: how will you publicize your program to the intended audience(s)?
l. Program indicators and measurement plan: include chart distributed in class with outcomes, indicators and measurements.
m. Timeline of program: detailed by month for at least 12 months. You can do for up to three years, but no more.
n. Resources: including facilities, community resources or other programs which enhance the success of this program. This also might include financial match.
0. Budget: for 1 year including both the budget spreadsheet and a narrative explaining what each category of funds will be used for.
p. Identified funding source: Explore and identify 3 funding possibilities for the program you are proposing. A summary of the identified funding sources and an explanation as to why these sources are a good fit for your program. Include web sites and in the appendix of your program proposal, you may wish to add a printed copy of the home page for the funding source.
q. References cited: in any section above (use APA style).
r. Appendix: if applicable (anything relevant to the proposal such as a needs assessment instruments, pictures, diagrams, funding source main web page, PR brochure, etc.)

Your total program assignment should be no less than 30 pages (but no more than 40 pages, typed, double spaced with no less than 1” margins, 12 font. You should assemble this program proposal including all above assignments into one document. You can use the appendix to include more detailed information such as web sites, actual measurements/assessments, etc. Please clearly label each appendix with the information contained within the appendix and include in the table of contents. The total page length does include the appendix pages.

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