public policy 401 policy brief

  1. Policy Brief: Students will write a policy brief that follows the “Eightfold Path” we will read about and discuss in class. As this is a writing-intensive course, students will write portions of the policy brief throughout the semester and receive feedback for revision. The final, complete, revised policy brief will be due at the end of the semester. All assignments related to this paper should be typed, double-spaced pages using 12-point font and one-inch margins. It is important as well as beneficial to you that you treat the policy brief as a semester-long project and not a series of assignments to complete at the last minute. Students will choose the specific policy topic for their brief, and should meet with the professor no later than the fourth week of class to discuss possible topics. The sections are as follows, due on the dates listed on the schedule:
    • Section 1: Define the problem and assemble evidence (About 1200 words)
    • Section 2:Construct alternatives and select criteria for evaluating those alternatives (About 1200 words)
    • Section 3: Project outcomes and confront the trade-offs among the alternatives and their projected outcomes (About 1200 words)

text book : Bardach, Eugene, and Eric M. Patashnik. 2015. A Practical Guide for Policy Analysis, 5th ed. CQ Press. “Eightfold Path”

for now, I only need section 1 which is about 1200

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