psychology exam 82 questions

Although it is 82 questions, this is not a hard assignment for a tutor to do. It is 82 questions all multiple choice and all I need you to do is create a document and number it 1-82 and next to each number just write the correct letter choice for that question. For example if number 1 is C then just write the letter C next to number 1 and so on. I need these answers to be 100% correct and for the last 6 which are short answers, just write the short answer response next to the number. I have to turn this test in tomorrow so I need it by tonight at midnight. It should take no longer than 2 hours to do this as it is a test. I UPLOADED QUESTIONS 1-30 BUT when YOU ACCEPT I WILL upload the remaining questions which is A TOTAL OF 82 QUESTIONS.

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