presenting the problem

Define a business problem including problem statement, purpose and objective.

Building off of the business problem you identified in week one, you will construct a memo to your boss (use the Parts of a Memo guide to help you with writing and formatting). Within the memo, you will present the business problem, the purpose of the study (example statement: “The purpose of the study is to gain information to address the problem introduced in week 1″), followed by a relevant and testable research question. The research question should adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. formation of question is based on theory, previous research and experience;
  2. stated in the form of a question; and
  3. is focused and clear (i.e., specific, measurable, and feasible).

Problem Statement

An organization that aims at promoting professionalism should begin with its leadership in strategic areas like terminating an employee’s contract. Various unavoidable issues like an economic downturn, which affect the company’s abilities to pay employees their salaries and behavioral problems, influence employees’ exit from employment.

In most cases, employees feel demoralized for being terminated inhumanly, thus affecting their self-esteem. This creates fear among the existing employees, and it also destroys the company’s reputation, thus preventing it from attracting potential candidates or even investors. For instance, although an employee is terminated for wrong conduct, the management should act professionally in tabling down issues that have led to the decision. In today’s business market, competition is at top-notch since businesses have no choice but to enhance their professionalism to attract competent employees. Hence, according to Lee and Varon (2016), failing to implement an employee exit system is likely to cost a company’s competitive edge and also lead to lawsuits filed by the victims.

Due to the harsh consequences, the solutions to improving the marketability, ethics, and professionalism of an organization include creating and implementing exit policies that do not limit the rights of the management to terminate (Steingold, 2017). Additional implementing disciplinary measures are practices that should be implemented in the exit system.


The purpose of this research paper will be focusing on determining the most appropriate policies and practices that the organization should consider in reducing liabilities and firing workers instantly, thus boosting ethics and professionalism. Part of the policy considerations could entail establishing exit incentives and economic lay-off practices in the organization.


One objective is minimizing lawsuits when employees decide to file a case on wrongful termination. Another is enhancing ethics and professionalism in the organization. Additionally, promoting competitiveness in the business market is the other significant goal that would boost organizational success.


Lee, J., & Varon, A. L. (2016). Employee exit, voice, loyalty, and neglect in response to dissatisfying organizational situations: It depends on supervisory relationship quality. International Journal of Business Communication. Retrieved from

Steingold, F. S. (2017). The employer’s legal handbook: Manage your employees & workplace effectively. Nolo. Retrieved from

Your reference list should be formatted correctly using APA guidelines with your synopsis following of 200-400 words per source

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