Presentation Malaria Indonesia, health and medicine homework help

hello, I have the presentation about ” Malaria Indonesia

the presentation consists of four things: problem, cause, interventions and implementation. ( you would find the full information in the attached files )

if you see the attached file, my part are interventions and implementation: I marked them in the same paper just to make it clear.

my presentation needs PowerPoint, however, I would do the PowerPoint by myself.

all that I need is to list and explain the interventions and implementation: I need you to answer just in those sections of my presentation. ( my classmate in my group would do problem and cause ).

I need full, paper long, and clear answers for the interventions and implementation sections in PART 1. It should be in Word document.

I attached a file that you could use as resources for this homework.

please, if you have any question, let me know before you begin.!! thanks

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