The Joint Commission, the largest healthcare accrediting organization, requires healthcare facilities to be prepared for significant events which could disrupt patient care. The facilities are required to perform hazard vulnerability analyses, have policies addressing the most likely events, conduct drills, and monitor compliance.

The public health system performs this role for the nation at large. New threats and potential events present themselves daily. As healthcare administrators, our organizations are called upon to play a role in implementing many public health preparedness duties. Therefore, it is important to understand the way the public health system addresses preparedness.


  1. Read Chapter 13 in of Essentials of Health Policy and Law.
    1. Identify a recent article (within the last year) on the subject of Preparedness in relation to healthcare laws or policy. The article can come from popular or professional media.
    2. Create a 100-150 word summary of the key points of the article.
    3. Identify any biblical principles which apply in the context of the article.
    4. Assess the credibility of the information contained in the article. Reference other articles which confirm or refute key information in the article you chose.
    5. Use proper spelling, grammar, and APA citation in developing the summary.
    6. Post the summary, along with the original article or a link to where it can be accessed.
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