Post op test for a proficient nurse

Unit 5 Test Blueprint Template

Design a test blueprint for a pre-test for nursing students, nursing staff, or community/patients based on the curriculum created in the Unit 3 assignment. This should be based upon one of the courses you created as part of the curriculum from the Unit 3 assignment.

This Assignment is designed to assess the level of knowledge of your chosen population from Unit 3 Assignment before presenting the course content. This is what a test blueprint is all about: ensuring you have the right types and levels of difficulty of test questions. Whether the questions are used to assess the learner’s level of knowledge before content is delivered or judge if the learner’s knowledge after the intervention is where it should be is not the point of a test blueprint. The test blueprint will help with the development and revision of the curriculum you have created to this point.

Be sure to enter your citations and references. Citations go in the proper row and references go in the reference list area on the second page.

Course Outcome

Level of Bloom’s Taxonomy

Number of Questions Related to the Outcome

Weighted Percentage

Testing Methodology With Rational and Citations






Total questions = X

Total = 100%

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