Plate Tectonics 6 multiple questions

1. Sediment that accumulates after the formation of a mountain, and its subsequent erosion, eventually gives rise to

A. folded mountain belts

B. a continental shield

C.a stable platform

D. metamorphic rocks

2. Which of the following parts of the United States is characterized by thick layers of basaltic lava?

A. Appalachian Ridge and Valley

B. Canadian Shield

C. Columbia River Basin

D. Gulf Coast

3. Volcanism at volcanic arcs is the same process as volcanism at hotspots.

True or False

4. A mantle plume is a surface manifestation of a hotspot.

True or false

5.Sulfur compounds emitted from volcanoes increase Earth’s albedo, which is the

A. reflection of radiation from the sun back into space

B. overall temperature of the atmosphere

C. percentage of cloud cover over Earth

D. amount of ozone in the upper atmosphere

6. Continental rift zones are areas where the crust has been

A. compressed

B. uplifted and pulled apart

C. folded and faulted

D. fractured by reverse faults

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