PHY108 CUNY Borough of Manhattan Chapter 9 Hydraulic Fluid Questions

1.A 100 kg man supports all his weight on a snowshoe with an area of 50 cm2. What pressure is exerted on the snow in N/m2?

(1 cm2= 1×10-4 m2)

2.What’s the pressure at a depth of 120 m in ocean?

3.In a hydraulic system, a force of 400 N is exerted on a piston with an area of 0.001 m2. The load-bearing piston in the system has an area of 0.2 m2.

a) What’s the pressure in the hydraulic fluid?

b) What’s the magnitude of the force exerted on the loading piston?

4.A rock with a volume of 0.2 m3 is fully submerged in water having a density of 1000 kg/m3. What is the buoyant force acting on the rock?

5.A water stream moving with a speed of 4 m/s in a small pipe with area of 0.05 m2 reaches a large pipe with area of 0.2 m2. What’s the speed of water in the large pipe?

6. What’s the principle of hydraulic jack?

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