phi103 week 5bdiscussion

One great way to live a life that is more based on critical thinking is to develop positive habits of critical thinking. The best way to make those habits stick is to invest time and attention in things that you enjoy that also encourage that habit. To that end, this prompt asks you to spend time with a podcast, blog, or web-page about critical thinking.

Prepare: Spend at least twenty minutes or more listening to one of the podcasts on this site: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (you may choose any one that you like, but preferably on a topic of interest for you). Or spend at least twenty minutes reading a blog or web page about critical thinking (for ideas, you can just google ‘Critical Thinking’ or ‘Blog about Critical Thinking’).

Write: Begin with a description about what you listened to or read. What did it say? What key points

and/or arguments did it make? Write another paragraph in which you indicate how the ideas shared could be relevant to your life. Do you feel that your life could be better if you applied some of what you learned? Did you find the concepts interesting? Would you want to listen to more podcasts like this one in the future (why or why not)?

Guided Response: Post a minimum of three responses, two of which must be to your classmates. The third response could be to a classmate or your instructor. Be sure to post on three separate days throughout the week to promote further engagement and discussion. Each response should be a minimum of 75 words.

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