phase 1 public relations campaign for a new product or service 1

Your public relations firm has been selected to develop a promotional campaign for an industry that is launching a new product (or service).

The industry is Auto, the car model chosen for this assignment is Jeep. We can do Jeep and release a luxury all wheel drive vehicle that could rival the Range Rover.

1. Promotional opportunities for this product/ service within your client’s company. (Answer must be minimum100-maximum 150 words)

2. Media sources (channels) and other external promotional materials that you can employ to best reach your audience(s).

(Answer must be minimum100-maximum 150 words)

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Don’t use introduction for this paper, use headlines for the questions and only answer the questions and use in-text citation according to the references you use.

Maximum 2 references.

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