Perceptual of vernacular regions, science homework help

Define and explain, using at least five sentences or 5 on-task bullet notes for each. Each answer earns up to five points. For each answer, please make five different substantive points, earning one point each.

•Perceptual of vernacular regions.

•Map projections.

•Age sex pyramid.

•Continental drift.


•The Coriolis Effect.

•Air masses.

•The greenhouse effect.

•Dryland Climates.

•Demographic Transition.

•Five shapes of states – prorupt, elongated, compact, fragmented, perforated.

•Birth rates.


•Boundaries as sources of conflict.


•European Union.

•Centripetal forces in state cohesion.

•Ethnicity and ethnic diversity.

•Koppen climate classification.

•Remote sensing.

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