patients Bill of Rights presentation, health and medicine homework help

You are required to create a 12- to 15-slide presentation on the topic (Patients Bill of Rights). This presentation will require a deeper examination of this one topic as it is an emerging issue/trend in today’s industry.

As part of this presentation, you are required to:

Introduction slide and Conclusion slide

  • Identify and describe the topic of consideration.
  • Identify and discuss the emerging issues and trends surrounding the reasons for why the topic was included in the Affordable Care Act (PPACA)
  • How does the PPACA policy address this topic?
  • Describe areas of opportunity involved with this topic.
  • Describe challenges that might be found in implementing it across the nation.

Include detailed speaker notes as part of your presentation.

Cite a minimum of four references.

References that were used in the last paper are:

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