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I need to complete this assignment :

Recently, there have been numerous customer complaints about part No. xxxxx, an important and expensive component in an ion charger, being damaged during shipping. Replacement costs for this product are high and are having a negative financial impact on our bottom line. this situation calls for redesigning the packing for part no xxxxx. preliminary tests have shown that packing that will prevent a raw egg from breaking when dropped from the second floor balcony of our building will be sufficient to prevent damage to the part during  shipping. Therefore , you are to design packing that will accomplish this task.

The packaging must be made from commonly available materials. Liquids, gels, paste-like, and other non-dry substances cannot be used to contain the raw egg. to reduce shipping costs, this packaging should be as light in wight and as small in size as possible. Finally, the packaging should be of a regular shape, suitable for stacking in a larger container.   

  The deliverables for this project will include:

 Design Document:

a- Research on the techniques used in modern packaging (2 pages)

b- Bibliography

c- A drawing or sketch of the packaging prototype ( size 8-1/ 2*11 inches)

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