Organ System Assessment

I would like bulleted list for the organ system assessment. You must include:

1.  the anatomical location of the particular organ system

2.  key anatomical features

3.  key physiological functions

4. histology

As well as some interesting facts, findings, or health issues related to this system supported by appropriate citations

This initial post should be a bulleted list. Citations should be written in APA format.

For your initial post (1) you must:

· Identify the organ system’s location as presented in the anatomical position within the human body and its key anatomical features

· Identify the key physiological functions of the organ system as well as its Key histology features (i.e., the cell and tissue types found in this organ system) that enable its physiological functions

· List several interesting facts, findings, or health issues related to this organ system (e.g., three things that you did not know about the respiratory system, or that recently researchers have discovered how to synthesize human tissues using 3-D printing). Indicate the source(s) of your information (e.g., website or article link; do not use Wikipedia)

Provide an organized list of at least 10 bullet points for the organ assessment, addressing the critical elements. You must use and cite at least one reference. Reply to at least two different classmates.

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